Sound, Energies & Environments (SEE) is a research group active in the practice, history and theory of sound and energies in the arts, culture and the environment. In a unique combination of sound arts, media art history and media theory, DIY culture and experimental music, and eco-theory and ecological engagements, SEE understands through the non-visible.

The group is led Associate Professor Caleb Kelly, who is internationally recognised for his contributions to the studies of arts of sound and energies, and is driven by the largest postgraduate cohort in Art & Design.

SEE is based at UNSW: Art & Design.



Graduated Members

  • Dr Andrew Brooks
  • Dr Tim Bruniges
  • Dr Jo Burzynska
  • Dr Heather Contant
  • Dr Pia van Gelder
  • Dr Emily Morandini
  • Dr Tom Smith
  • Dr Kynan Tan
  • Dr Nathan Thompson

UNSW Postgraduate Researchers:

  • Richard Keys
  • Jasmine Guffond
  • Mitch Ryan
  • Kate Crawford
  • Jim Denley
  • Anabelle Lacroix