How To Book 2

How To Book 2
2-4pm, Friday 19 July 2019
UNSW Art & Design, Paddington Campus, Room F402

Following our inaugural session on history and theory booking, How To Book 2 will be focus on how to move an artistic research thesis toward a book. Our guests will be:

Dr. Emily Morandini, the ink still drying on her UNSW Art & Design thesis: Modulating Earth and Sky: Extended Electronic Circuits in the Arts (2019)

Dr. Lindsay Kelley, Lecturer at UNSW Art & Design, recently minted ARC DECRA recipient, and author of Bioart Kitchen: Art, Feminism and Technoscience (2016).

What is How To Book? It is a gathering of four types of people—those who may wish to book, those who have already booked, those who may wish to book again, and interested others—having an informal discussion.

There are special questions about booking and artistic research. What about not-necessarily-academic, artistic/poetic publishing opportunities? Or, how would you transform a practice-based thesis into an academic or not-necessarily-academic book?

Also, let’s raise questions of money, time, feedback, and their absence, and how best to cope with such practicalities given precarious employment conditions in an expensive city in a country facing a recession.
How To Book 3 will happen in August. Douglas Kahn will discuss How To Book Edit, with war stories about four books, including the recently published Energies in the Arts (MIT Press). The session will happen the day before a small symposium on energies and the arts and the launch of the book. Stay tuned for details.
How To Book is a project of the Sound, Energies and Environments research group, and is moderated by its co-directors, Dr. Caleb Kelly and Professor Douglas Kahn.