How To Book 3: 11 September 2019

What is How To Book? It is a gathering of four types of people—those who may wish to book, those who have already booked, those who may wish to book again, and interested others—engaged in informal discussion about what really happens.

Our next session, How To Book 3, will be focus on How to Book Edit. How do such books form; who and what are they for? Do they add to, summarise or kick start fields? If you are building a shopping mall, do you need David Jones? How many drafts do you send contributors through? What happens when things don’t work out? Collections may look easier than a monograph but you can’t tell a look by its cover.

Professor Douglas Kahn and Dr Peter Blamey will discuss two collections and one edition they have worked on together, most recently, Energies in the Arts, which will be launched on the following day. The two will share old war stories without naming too many names. One more book will also be discussed, Wireless Imagination, an early intervention into what became sound studies.

3-5 pm, Wednesday 11 September 2019
Room F402, Paddington Campus, UNSW Art & Design

Everyone welcome

How To Book 3 is in conjunction with Harnessing Energies in the Arts and Humanities

How To Book You and Yours – if you would like to have your manuscripts or books discussed by the supportive groups that are How To Books, please contact Douglas Kahn.   

How To Book is a project of the Sound, Energies and Environments research group, and is moderated by its co-directors, Dr. Caleb Kelly and Professor Douglas Kahn.