How To Book – 2pm Thursday 4 April

You’ve just spent years of researching, thinking, writing and rewriting and now you’re a doctor, or you’re in the middle of it and will be a doctor some day. Is that thesis of yours a book? What type of book should it be and how does it become that book? Who are the best publishers for what you and your book want to do in the world? What do you have to do so that those publishers know you’re doing them a big favour?

How To Book is a gathering of people who have booked and who may wish to book having an informal discussion about how to book. Each session will feature one person letting people know what they were thinking when they booked, what happened and what they had to do, and one person who has a thesis and is thinking about booking.

2pm Thursday 4 April in Room F402 – all welcome

The first session features:

Dr. Veronica Tello, Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow in NIEA who, after receiving a PhD from University of Melbourne in 2013, published Counter-Memorial Aesthetics: Refugee Histories and the Politics of Contemporary Art with Bloomsbury in 2016.

Dr. Heather Contant, who received the Dean’s Award for the PhD thesis, Electromagnetic Constellations: The Collectivist Tendencies in Radio (2018).

Moderated by Dr. Caleb Kelly and Professor Douglas Kahn, co-directors of SEE.