Rural Resonances: Sound, Wine and Rural Futurism

Rural Resonances: Sound, Wine and Rural Futurism

Date: 6pm, 23rd July, 2019
Venue: Black Box Theatre, UNSW Art & Design, Paddington

Italian theorist and curator Leandro Pisano and Sydney-based multisensory artist and wine writer Jo Burzynska explore the rural resonances of their intersecting sound-based projects in remote southern Italian communities. In this lecture, creative presentation and book launch, Pisano discusses a radical reimagining of “rurality” through The Manifesto of Rural Futurism, while Burzynska presents wine and sound works created during a Risonanze di Vino residency curated by Pisano in Campania last year. The event is also the launch of Pisano and Burzynska’s Risonanze di Vino book.

Leandro Pisano is engaged with the intersections between art, sound and technoculture. He is founder and director of Interferenze New Arts Festival and works on projects dealing with sound art and ecology of rural and marginal territories. Among the sonic art exhibitions he has curated, are “Otros sonidos, otros paisajes” (MACRO Museum – Rome, Italy, 2017) and “Alteridades de lo invisible” (Festival Tsonami – Valparaíso, Chile, 2018). The Manifesto of Rural Futurism offers critical perspectives generated from the collaborative Liminaria project, a sound art residency and fieldwork-based research platform aimed at developing sustainable cultural, social and economic networks in rural regions of Southern Italy.

Jo Burzynska is a UNSW Art & Design PhD candidate, whose research and arts practice explores sensory and aesthetic interactions between sound and taste, with a major focus on wine. Burzynska’s creative works have been presented internationally, including at MAXXI, Rome; Institute for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles; Milieux Institute, Montreal; May Space Gallery, Sydney. She is also a widely published wine writer and author of Wine Class (Random House). In the Risonanze di Vino project, she created a series of audio-gustatory works that explored correspondences between wine and sound, oriented by cultural, geographical and personal sensory experience within the local wine communities.

This event will also be the launch of the Risonanze di Vino book created from the Risonanze di Vino and Pollinaria rural wine and sound residencies. It is affiliated with UNSW Art & Design’s Sound, Energies and Environments Research Group and the Black Box Sound Series, with additional wines supplied by Cantina Giardino/ Giorgio de Maria Fun Wines.