Publications since 2013


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Book Chapters

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Journal Papers

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Conference Presentations & Invited Talks

Douglas Kahn, “Between Cat’s Fur and Lightning,” Keynote presentation for Astro-Bio-Geo-Physical Music, Research Summit (chamber music festival research conference), University of Tennessee, Knoxville (June, 2016).

Douglas Kahn, “Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts,” University of Tasmania, Hobart (August 2015).

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Exhibitions Curated

Caleb Kelly, Material Sound, MAMA (February 2018)

Caleb Kelly & Aaron Kreisler, Sound Full: Sound in Contemporary Australian and New Zealand Art, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2012 & City Gallery, Wellington 2013.

Exhibited Works and Performances

Andrew Brooks & Kynan Tan, Sculptures: 5, The Auricle, Christchurch, NZ, 2015.

Andrew Brooks & Kynan Tan, Sculptures: 4, Firstdraft, Sydney, 2014.

Pia van Gelder, Relaxation Circuit, Underbelly Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, 2015.

Pia van Gelder, ‘Relaxation Circuit,’ Liquid Architecture Festival, West Space, Melbourne, August 2015 .

Pia van Gelder, Psychic Synth, Performance Space, Sydney, Australia, August 2014.

Pia van Gelder & Stephen Jones, Tetrasynth, Catching Light at ISEA2013, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2013

Pia van Gelder, Andreas Siagian, & Michael Candy, Mountain Operated Synthesiser, Instrument Builders Project Residency, presented at iCan, Yogyakarta, 2013

Pia van Gelder, Eyes Without A Face, NSW Emerging Visual Artists Fellowship, Artspace, Sydney, 2013,

Pia van Gelder, Television Behaviour Studies, Performance for live television broadcast at Carraigeworks, Sydney, 2013

Nathan Thompson, Pollen, SNO gallery Sydney, January 2015.

Nathan Thompson, feedback systems, Drawing Conclusions, curated by Klaas Hoek, Utrecht Graduate School of VisualArt and Design, 2015.

Emily Morandini, Source & Return, First Draft, July 2017.

Emily Morandini, Nathan Thompson, Peter Blamey, In Fields, 55 Sydenham Rd Sydney, November 2015.

Tim Bruniges, Drum Room, Westspace, Melbourne, 2013.

Tim Bruniges, Continuum, MONA, Hobart 2013.

Tim Bruniges, Oscillator, Big Law Country Club, New York, 2013.

Tim Bruniges, Mirrors, Signal, New York, 2014.

Tim Bruniges, Piano, Firstdraft, Sydney, 2014.

Tim Bruniges, Horses, Chasm, New York, 2015.

Tim Bruniges, Normalise, Knockdown Centre, New York, 2015.

Tim Bruniges, Drones, Galerie pompom, Sydney, 2016.

Vincent O’Connor, Millionth Acre, Primavera: Young Australian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2015.


Caleb Kelly (ed.), ‘Materials,’ Das Super Paper 33, November 2014. (special issue with contributions from members of the group)